Truth Paranormal Investigators of South Jersey
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Truth Paranormal Investigators of South Jersey

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Q: Can Spirits or Ghosts follow you home after an investigation, etc.?

A: No. They cannot.

Q: Can objects be "haunted"?

A: Yes and if you move them, then the Spirit will go with the object.

Q: Can Spirits or Ghosts hurt you?

A: Unlikely, but it could happen. Most Spirits are just trying to tell you something and the longer they feel you ignore them, the stronger their actions 

    may come.

Q: Has anyone ever died from a Spirit or Ghost?

A: Yes. The only death ever recorded is John Bell. He died on December 21, 1820 in Tennessee.

Q: What about Oujia Boards?

A:  We will NEVER use one during an investigation. You have no control over who or what may come through. We have had so many people tell us 

     about how they would destroy their Ouija board and the next day it would show up.

Q: Can Ghosts throw off scents?

A: There have been many times when people have noted smelling things when they should not have. Roses seem to be very popular among these 

     smells. The scents that an entity might have been known for when they were alive can commonly be smelled when these ghosts try to indicate 

     their presence. At times, without reason, there may be an odor of perfume, a whiff of a cigar or an aroma of food. As mentioned above, roses 

     are popular; this usually occurs after death, and is usually a good message. We have had this happen to us on two investigations so far. At a 

     nursing home we caught a scent of a perfume (we are not allowed to wear any during an investigation because of this). We also had an incident 

     of a bad burning smell.

Q: What kind of problems might a Spirit cause?

A: Ghosts can be responsible for many illnesses, from mental to physical illnesses. They mostly are responsible for strong negative emotions, poor 

     interpersonal relationships, life breakdowns on different levels: mental, financial, health, etc. It can manifest itself in many ways which depends 

     on the personality of the person possessed, one's conscious and subconscious mind, needs, emotions, etc. I was told by a professional who 

     does exorcisms that a Spirit of someone who committed suicide can be extremely bad about doing this.

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