Truth Paranormal Investigators of South Jersey
Cape May Court House, New Jersey 08210

Truth Paranormal Investigators of South Jersey

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Administrative Positions

TPI-002          Case Manager
                       * The case manager is the assistant to the founder of the group. The case manager is the sole person who is to   
                          contact the client, interview the client, and document all the information they can get from the client for the 
                          investigation team needs to be able to investigate, and be aware what the team is looking for within the 
                          investigation. The case manager will also be in-charge of planning, scheduling, and conducting of the group 
                          meetings. After the team has gathered all of the evidence of each investigation you will be scheduling the 
                          reveal with the clients, and be the soul provider to  conduct the reveal. Additional responsibilities will be to 
                          collect membership dues from members, and record & keep track of who paid and did not pay. You will be 
                          reporting  these finances to the founder of the group. The Case Manager is also public relations official in the  
                          founders absence. 

TPI-003          Historian/Researcher 
                       * The Historian/Researcher is the assistant to the Case Manager of the group. The Historian/Researcher is to 
                          research the case based on what the Case Manager's findings from the client, interview, and any 
                          documentation they are able to get from the client. Based on the information documented from the Case 
                          Manager as the Historian/Researcher you need to do further research, and gain additional and as much 
                          information as possible. This entails researching online previous stories, records that may be available 
                          online, and traveling to county public records facilities. All deed records are public notice and we need to 
                          have previous owners names in order to conduct investigations. As the Historian/Researcher you are also 
                          public relations official in the absence of the Case Manager & Founder of the group. Additionally, as the 
                          assistant to the Case Manager in the absence of the Case Manager you will temporarily fulfill the duties of 
                          the Case Manager, and once the Case Manager returns your documentation will be turned in to the Case 
                          Manager after completion of the investigation and reveal with the client. This is to maintain current and 
                          correct information throughout the time of the case is open. In  the Case Managers absence you will be 
                          required to communicate with the founder at all times. 

TPI-004           Team Lead Investigator
                        * As the Team Lead Investigator you the assistant to the founder of the group you will be responsible for 
                           conducting investigations, responsible for the other team investigators, and making sure the investigations 
                           run smoothly. As the Team Lead Investigator you will be in-charge of making sure the IR Cameras are set in 
                           position, and investigators are where they should be at all times. As the Team Lead Investigator investigation 
                           equipment inventory, setup, breakdown, and assurance of all equipment has been collected and safely 
                           returned and counted before leaving. The Team Lead Investigator is also to make sure the Command 
                           Center Operator is following what is going on the IR Camera Monitor Screen. Also if the Command Center 
                           Operator needs a break the Team Lead Investigator will relive the operator until they return. The Team Lead 
                           Investigator will fulfill all duties of the founder with the team work of the Case Manager and Historian of the 

Investigation Positions

TPI-005          Command Center Operator
                       * As the Command Center Operator you will be the eyes on the IR Camera Screen. This is an important, but 
                          boring aspect of the team. This is the visual scientific part having the ability to see or capture moving objects, 
                          orbs, etc on video. Your job is to be the eyes of those things we can not see with the naked eye. Of course you 
                          have to be able to tell what is a dust particle floating in the air and what is energy traveling through the air. 
                          At times you will capture objects move or even see shadows within view of the IR Cameras. Not only are you 
                          watching the areas the investigators are in, but other areas the investigators are not in. When you have seen 
                          or captured what you believe is a orb or paranormal activity not the time so the Data Review Team can go 
                          back and review and make a decision on it and if it is indeed paranormal activity. 

TPI-006          Team Investigator
                      * The Team Investigator will conduct the investigations with the direction of the Lead Investigator and/or the 
                         Founder of the group. The information you will be using to capture you evidence is based on information the 
                         Case Manager and Historian/Researcher give you. You will gather your evidence utilizing digital recorders and 
                         other types of equipment. The Team Investigator will review there findings within a reasonable time-frame of 
                         maximum two to three weeks. The time frame is set by the Founder of the group according to how much data 
                         the team was able to obtain during the time of the field investigation. 

TPI-007          Videographer
                       * As the Videographer you will be video recording during the investigation times. This is to capture any 
                          paranormal activity and with audio for sounds within the investigation space, and as well as capturing 
                          investigators reactions if they should experience any activity. 

TPI-008          Data Review Team
                       * The Data Review Team is an assistant aide to the Team Investigator(s). You will be reviewing the audio and 
                          video files from during the investigation out in the field. When the Data Review Team have completed the 
                          evidence. They will contact the Case Manager and so the Case Manager can contact, schedule, and gather the 
                          Data Review Team with the evidence for the reveal. The Team Investigators do not have to attend the reveal 
                          unless the client requests them. 

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